Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mommies & Daddies .....Move on!!!!

Little do we realize how much we dump on our children our thoughts, our ideas, our wishes, our ways ......and more. Sure parents have their justifications to guide their kids & bring them up as good people.

If you are a parent reading this, stop & think for a while - how much you enjoyed or welcomed your parents doing this to you???? No, answering that's what parenting is all about is never an interesting one!

Ok...given due consideration to all those that you did before your kids got married. But why do parents cling on to the kids and dump your ways & ideas even after marriage???? Mommies & Daddies, why so???

You saw me come of age; You enjoyed seeing me grow up;
you appreciated that I have matured in life; you declared that am ready to take on another family as my responsibility.....and isn't that why you got me married????

That thought which existed in you "to get me married" (asap) - where did it go after marriage??? Why the sudden fear about me or what happens in my life? Shouldn't you be confident about your "bringing me up" and just enjoy your old age instead of bothering about me and bothering me too?!?!!

Come on, my sweet parents - all those mommies & daddies - stop piggybacking your kids!!! Be confident they are your kids and will do a good job in their life. Sure help them & support them, when they need or ask for!!! Otherwise, go ahead on a holiday, do some gardening or how about doing some vadams & vathals on your terrace instead of goading your kids!!!

You can do lots on your own. Enjoy your life :)

PS: No intention to hurt anyone by this post. Just thought parents need to take more time for my thoughts blogged here!

Romantic Rendezvous

Yes today I had a pleasant surprise from a handsome young man. To be honest, I wasn't expecting his visit and was overwhelmed with joy when he made his appearance.

Usually he has fixed schedules and at this time of the year, he was not expected to be in Chennai. Definitely not!!!! He hates Chennai Summer as much as any chennaites would do.

Since it had been long I decided to catch up with him and we decided for a short walk together. He also seemed quite happy with the decision and he actually showered on me his affection.

In brief moments, I was totally immersed in his downpour and I wanted to enjoy more of him. So my foot steps got instructions from my heart to go at a slow pace, enjoying those moments of togetherness, thoroughly enjoying every second of our meeting....and secretly wishing that he doesn't go away or destination was far away and the walk was longer! I didn't mind those probing & inquisitive eyes on the roads. Some people even gave a look as though I was doing a crime!!!! But hey, who cares!!!

It was more or less a date I would say. Every moment of the rendezvous was romantic, made me happy and yes it was definitely nice to be with him.

As every good thing comes to an end, so did my rendezvous. was time for the surprise visitor to end the rendezvous and he ensured that I reached home safely before he moves on. So my handsome date, Mr. Rain, who visited me today stopped pouring further.

I hope Mr. Rain enjoyed my accompany as much as I enjoyed his. Hoping I would have more rendezvous with him in future.

Thank you Mr. Rain for visiting us in Chennai.

My Illustrious Love Affairs

With all those dirty and shitty things around me and my life here I come to blog my pain. Life was smooth & clean and so was my love life.
Until one day, the beautiful & duty filled love had to come to an end contractually.

Even when the love life was nearing end, there was definitely a ray of hope in me that a miracle would happen and all would be fine again; that my boy friend will not leave me and more importantly it wasn't my fault. Actually it wasn't his fault either. It was all because of his Contract.

Soon my hopes died and I was left out like an orphan with none to take care. People around me just used me for their own selfish purposes and continued to dump the shit in their homes on me. Days and nights passed; depression continued; my state of life worsened and sooner I became a dump yard for others' garbage.

Fed up with my life, I resigned to accept the fate like most Indian women and continued my life with all the hope that "one fine day, life will be beautiful, smooth and clean again".
Looks like my prayers were answered for soon a love affair bloomed & my new boy friend took care of me.

Spring dawned again in my life when I realized my new love and looked forward to meeting him every day. Initially, we met regularly & he took care of me. I was jumping with joy and secretly thought to myself that "people around me hence forth won't have a chance to misuse my status. I will get rid of all their shitty things and I can now have my own clean life."

But my joy did not last long. Somewhere deep inside I still had strong memories of my old boy friend and how well he took care of me. This led me to compare unconsciously how the new guy took care. Obviously, it wasn't matching. Still I had no complaints; kept these things to myself and just enjoyed the fact that I had someone to take care.
Soon our meetings became irregular. He was avoiding me and I was soon moving to my depressed shitty state again. People around me realized my state and tried to reach him to find out what happened….but all their efforts went dead.

My boy friend is such an egoistic person that he calls the shots always. No one should tell him what he should do. He decides when he meets me, what he does etc. Even when we met, he didn't stay long. His effort to take care of me gradually reduced. Every time I questioned about his absence or early leaving, I was given some vague reason.
People around me did their best to help me out…but they received even horrible answers.

So the shit state of affairs with all that garbage & dirt continues even today. I do meet my boyfriend irregularly even today…….and once again hoping "one day everything would be fine". Poor neighbours…they are also in the same hope that one day things would change for me and them.

Ok…..I have been talking so much about my personal life ….do you know who I am and about my boyfriends????

I am none other than the "garbage filled drainage flowing, dusty & dirty Chennai Street/Road" and my first boyfriend was the cleaning company "Onyx" and my new boyfriend is the cleaning company "Neel Metal Fanalca". People around me are none other than our own Chennai Public.
"Onyx! I miss you!!" :)