Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Orkut Communities & Wastage it creates

It has been quite a while since I joined Orkut and been wandering around there. One thing that I noticed was with regard to the Communities in Orkut. Most of the communities that I had checked out have some issues as far as I can see and that has been bothering me for a while.

There is a purpose stated for the community. People join, community grows in size. But over a period of time, what gets discussed in the community is all crap. You can find posts completely unrelated to the community be it a moderated one or public.
Even the so-called 'Moderated' communities are not always strictly moderated. I can understand this situation because people who once enthusiastically started it, later on found it too much to manage and left it at that!

Also, there are only few active members in a community...god knows why others even want to join! There are really very few communities (to the best of my knowledge) does keep up with the expectations.

Looking deeper, it gives me a question as to how much of space wastage has these communities been creating. Guess, it is high time that Google starts sending out messages to these community owners to do some organic Orkut community stuff.