Saturday, January 24, 2015

Achievers - 2015 - I

As the first month of 2015 is nearing its completion, already the year is buzzing with happenings around me. This year I decided to record them here in my blog and not just as FB posts which gets lost with the updates.

I decided to pen about the achievements - of whoever - that I like to share under the title - 'Achievers 2015' and I shall keep numbering them to different between posts.

So here goes, the first month of achievements that I am ready to share with you :) Without much doubt, this comes from my running team fraternity - AUsomers.

Our, Super Randonneur from last year - Gokul Raju has opened his account for this year achievement with completion of 400 Kms Brevet!  Now that he has opened his account for the year, what is going to follow is quite predictable :)  Congratulations Goks!  And today, as I write this blog post, he has also completed his Heritage ride to Pondy - Cycling!

Here is someone who stretched himself to scale new heights and that he put some of us to shame is no exaggeration.  Today, this man, stands in our midst after completing his 100kms Oxfam Trail Walk and that he did it at his age is no ordinary feat.  Of course, such things are common in the running fraternity, where most often you find the most elderly people finishing way faster than many of us youngsters! 

When he first announced that he is going to do this event, I personally had inhibition if he is well prepared for it.  [Don't ask me why? I have no answer probably or may be I was jus too stupid to think he won't be!]  Yet, his responses were quite confident & determined and he was sure he will finish it and that's what he did.  Mogo opened his 2015 achievement with this giant leap forward :)

Congratulations to Moorthy Govindarajan (fondly called as Mogo in our AUsomers circle). Keep inspiring us Mogo!

Next is our own Giri (fondly called as Cheetah in our circles) who finished his Half Marathon in Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCCM) 2015 with a timing of 01:24:16.  Every time he is out there on the event running, we feel that he just wants to prove true to his name!   Knowing Cheetah, what else to expect that he is just roaring on the roads!

Congratulations Giri Bhai! :)

With that starts the year of achievers for 2015!

Note:  Images are from the FB albums of the achievers