Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tamarind City - Where Modern India Began

Here I am back with my book review & very soon after am done with the book.  This review is on the book "Tamarind City - Where Modern India Began" by Bhishwanath Ghosh.

Initially thought it was yet another book on my city "Chennai" but then some FB wall messages on this book, made me borrow it from an online library.  Yes, it was a good decision to read it.

Smiling to myself as I write this review on the book, for I am so happy that I read it.  Quite liked the book and the way it took me on travel from 'New (& now) Chennai' to 'Old Madras'.  Learnt a lot about how my city was the place where Modern India began.  [Yea, now carry that pride & ego of 'my city'...;)]

Author takes us on a travel seamlessly integrating 'Then & Now' and it is nice to read more behind those who are still contributing to Chennai (some famous & lesser known names).  As you read through each of the landmark or prominent place mentioned, one identifies with it & gradually sinks into the vision of how it would have been those days - the same place, the same landmark etc. from the descriptions.  Loved this effect!

From George town, ripon buildings, to Rathna Cafe to Marina and more...this book has it all.

Not that writers earlier on Chennai didn't do it but somehow I find this writing more flowing like a story rather than a record of incidents / happenings.  This has made the book more attractive to read.  As always, I found the big-sized fonts which goes easy on the eyes.  

If you have lived in Chennai, even for a year, do read it.  One can relate with it easily. :)  Enjoyed the book thoroughly!  Thank you, Mr. Bhishwanath Ghosh for providing such a record of Chennai.