Monday, June 15, 2015

Kick Off Support, Maintenance & Managed Services

It is always a “dreaded and challenging“ job these days to be part of “Support & Maintenance“ projects and fixing incidents / bugs / defects that are caused by someone else, while the rest of the world is boasting of working with “new & über cool technologies”.
Before you read ahead, if your intention is to work with Uber cool technologies and you are using this project / team / company as a stop-over to find your grip, then refrain from reading further and motivate yourself to move on to find that “dream job”.  Suggest spending all your initial stop-over efforts there J
Alternatively, if you are here in the “Keeping the lights ON” team, that works on “Incidents”, “Problems” and you still want to challenge yourself further then keep reading further.  Of course, it’s not everyone’s cup of soup to kick start their career off in a Support Project/team, so please be reminded that your efforts are always lauded.
And if it’s neither of the above, then you deserve a better gig J
What Support & Maintenance / Managed Services Project are NOT?
1)    Well, these are NOT dreaded projects or those that are like “Left-over” parts of the meal, as many would view it.
2)    They are NOT in the least term “boring” or “monotonous” unless you force yourself to think that way 
3)    They are NOT about “on-calls" and “Weekend Spoilers” 
4)    They are NOT about “being in the line of fire or an opportunity to be finger-pointed” always – if you change the way you perceive
5)    They are NOT always about “Staying late & running batch jobs” or “waiting for something to fail /abort to provide support, but nothing happens & you go home, thinking you haven’t achieved anything
6)    They are NOT always about “cleaning someone else’s mess” – as long as you understand that the code could have been written by an enthusiastic developer like you who wanted to be part of “Dev project” & worked on the “then” uber cool technology bound by unrealistic timelines, but was not lucky enough to support his own work;)

7)    They are NOT the ones that offer limited or no scope for exploring technologies - if you look in the right direction with an open mind.