Sunday, February 7, 2010

List too long......

It has been quite long since I blogged. Of course, I have myriad of excuses.....but no point.
I bumped into one of my cousins' blog .....which prompted me to give a rebirth to my blog!

Though I have so many to write about...thought it would be better to start off again on my favourite topic - Books!

Yes....after a long time (not sure how long), today I took time out to be in landmark and browse the books section. (Sure there are lot of unread or partly read books lying in my shelf.....still....)
Luckily I managed to pick up only four was planned & needed it for my work; two fiction - Kane & Abel, The Second Lady and the last one was non-fiction.

Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer was one of my early favourite books...and sadly I had given away my copy to a friend. So on seeing the new edition, thought it would be best to buy and own it myself (of course read it again some day).

The Second Lady by Irving Wallace has been a book that has been out of publication for long number of years. I read it in my school days from a lending library and has been wanting to own it for long.....every book store I walked in the city, airports, across the country...wherever couldn't get this at all.
Surprisingly, today I found a copy of it in Landmark...and viola....I picked it up instantaneously......and wrapped my book shopping!

So there you go few more added to my "To Read" list and "Squeezed" in my overflowing book shelf!

Fierce competition between my "To Read" and "To Do" to who grows faster! ;-)

List too it "To Read", "To Do"...or "Excuses...."